Lament of a Notebook Fetish Victim

The only thing I want, indeed the only thing I have ever wanted is a perfect notebook.

Sometimes the cover is too bright or too happy (LetterNote notebooks). Sometimes they use dots instead of lines on the pages (Finpaper notebooks). Sometimes they are hard cover (Karunavan, Moleskin). Sometimes the lines are perfect but too bright and overwhelm the color of the ink (too many notebook brands to include in this one). Sometimes the lines are too close together and cramp my writing (Moleskin – Yes. Not a fan at all). Sometimes the lines are too expansive and don’t have the taut measurements of good writing. Sometimes the shade of white on the paper is too white (Bilt Matrix). Sometimes they put margins into pages as though I would follow margins while writing. Sometimes they use such rough handmade paper that writing suffers on those pages (Pinnacle notebooks). 

Why is finding happiness so hard in life?


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