Delhi Diaries

10th Sept, 2014

The world is within the smallness of who you know and who your friends know. Your neighbours have tinted blue windows; cheap, just like you did in your last rented apartment. But you moved out and you are now sure that you will never want a lot of things in life: it makes moving on in life much harder. It reminds you of two people you met in the US: one who said you should have enough things to travel around in two suitcases. Another one had the smallest briefcase you had ever seen when he pulled up to fly somewhere.

The lightness. The Absolute Unbearable Lightness of Being. There are no anchors in life. If you choose to have them, they are both good and bad.. Siddharth understood that, Hermann Hesse wrote that. But living means you are constantly playing between the two. 

Maybe reading will help.

“the poet is a man who – because of everything – is always about to cry”. Lorca wrote that. I recited that. She said, ‘how true’ – with a snigger. I did not know what to say. 


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